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Custom Business and Travel Cases

Tired of losing your luggage and business cases in the sea of generic, black bags at the airport? SPC Manufacturing Company produces custom sewn products specifically for companies who require a unique and polished look for their business professionals, distinctive from the masses, designed to maintain an organized and professional look.

From unusual fabrics, sizes and specialty shapes, we manufacture custom sewn products that make a statement. SPC Manufacturing Company creates quality products with unique and distinct capabilities that ensure their long term use over any typical disposable product.

Let SPC Manufacturing Company create a custom product for your company based on your specific Business or Travel needs!



Bags and Satchels

SPC Manufacturing Company creates a wide variety of ... SKU: SPCBT005. Category: .


SPC Manufacturing Company's custom-sewn, durable Briefcase ... SKU: SPCBT001. Category: .

Custom Fit

SPC Manufacturing Company offers custom products designed ... SKU: SPCIP004. Category: .

Custom Sales Cases

SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures custom ... SKU: SPCBT008. Category: .

Endless Totes

Our Endless Totes are the perfect product for advertising ... SKU: SPCBT012. Category: .

Front Loading Pack

SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures a ... SKU: SPCBT011. Category: .

Heavy Duty Canvas

SPC Manufacturing Company's custom-sewn Heavy Duty Canvas ... SKU: SPCBT010. Category: .

Nylon Drawstring Bags

SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures high ... SKU: SPCBT009. Category: .

Pouches and Tool Rolls

SPC Manufacturing Company creates and manufactures ... SKU: SPCIP003. Category: .

Promotional Products

SPC Manufacturing Company creates and manufactures a wide ... SKU: SPCBT004. Category: .

Tapestry and Nylon

SPC Manufacturing Company's custom-sewn bags in ... SKU: SPCBT007. Category: .

The Unusual Traveler

SPC Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures the ... SKU: SPCBT003. Category: .

Unique Travel Bags

SPC Manufacturing Company manufactures custom luggage ... SKU: SPCBT006. Category: .

Zipper Bags

SPC Manufacturing Company manufactures Zipper Bags from a ... SKU: SPCBT002. Category: .

About Us

logo 2015SPC Manufacturing Company is a contract, sewing/manufacturing company located in Eastern Tennessee that provides full service for custom products - specializing in bags, cases and containers - from design and development through prototyping, production, silk screening and packaging. Read More

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