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SPC Manufacturing Company has your solution for a custom bag, -case, -carrier, or any other custom container that you need!
If you would like to have an item quoted, please submit your requirements in our easy to use quote form. Our knowledgeble representatives will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services.

SPC Manufacturing Company's Design and Fabrication Services Include:

Design that works for the client

Regardless of the complexity or simplicity of the custom case, if it's difficult or frustrating to use, it won't be used! SPC Manufacturing Company's philosophy is to keep the design simple and elegant, only adding to it as our client's needs or desires dictate within a sound design strategy.

The design process is an artistic one in which we strive for balance — one of the basic principals of good design theory.

A fast and easy design process

We begin the whole design process by asking and answering your questions. We then submit drawings for your input, which often only takes several days. Once design approval is given, we build a prototype with your input for final production evaluation and development.

Cost effective design

The extensive experience of SPC Manufacturing Company is best demonstrated by our abilty to provide cost effective design and fabrication -- with your solution in mind. We take the time to discover the “look” you're after and we calculate and then closely monitor labor saving steps to meet your price structure. A custom sewn product does not mean an expensive product.

Strong and long lasting productslockstitches

We never compromise on areas of quality and product strength. Our seams are all lock stitched for strength and reinforced. You will not experience problems with handles, zippers or any other construction element of our custom sewn products.

On-time delivery

We value our customer's time...after all, time is money. Once we begin production on a job, we continue through to the manufacture until it is complete. SPC Manufacturing Company often provides partial orders for customers with tight turn-around schedules.

Client partnerships

The design process and initial run of our custom bags is only the beginning in SPC Manufacturing’s eyes. It’s when our clients reorder time and again that we feel we have a successful design. It is then that we have a beneficial business relationship, and more importantly a partnership with out clients.

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logo 2015SPC Manufacturing Company is a contract, sewing/manufacturing company located in Eastern Tennessee that provides full service for custom products - specializing in bags, cases and containers - from design and development through prototyping, production, silk screening and packaging. Read More

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